Walter Block is the most prolific libertarian and economic scholar alive today. He’s now published over 500 scholarly articles in peer-reviewed, refereed journals covering a vast array of topics in the areas of libertarian political philosophy and Austrian economics. He’s written over a dozen different books, his most famous being Defending the Undefendable. He’s given numerous speeches and lectures for various libertarian and economic organizations and at events all over the country. Finally, Dr. Block exudes a teaching spirit. You can tell that he genuinely loves to see young people discover and understand the ideas of liberty championed by the great thinkers and scholars that have come before us, like Rothbard, Mises, and Bastiat.

As his personal and professional contribution to the libertarian and free market community is so vast and comprehensive, I noticed a need for a central clearinghouse of everything Block. My primary goal for the Walter Block Library is to consolidate the over 500 scholarly articles into a searchable database. This resource will provide students, authors, and curious thinkers easy access to the immense treasure trove of sound economics and political philosophy. My site will also feature bios of all of the journals who have published Dr. Block’s work over the years so that aspiring scholars easily discover peer-reviewed journals willing to publish the sort of contrarian ideas that Dr. Block is famous for. Also included in the library will be a collection of various audio and video lectures and speeches that Dr. Block has made throughout his career. I’ll be sourcing these from the internet first where they are readily available, but I will also eventually be soliciting organizations that may have unpublished material to contribute.

I think this resource will benefit the Austro-libertarian community in many ways, and hopefully introduce new converts to the impressive and invaluable work of Dr. Block. This project is still in its infancy, so bear with me. I’m working in my spare time to add more articles and lectures and keep the book list updated. I’m excited about this project, and I hope it’s something that many will find beneficial. Dr. Block seems to be pretty spry for a man his experience, so there’s no telling how much more content he will produce in his lifetime, but I will remain committed to providing a place to showcase his amazing work.